Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies

Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies

We can learn from anything and everything that happens in our life. Movies have always been an eye opener for me and have taught me a lot about the basics of personal finance. In this post I would like to share all that I have learned from some great movies in the past

Set your Goals Right
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag revolves around the life story of Milkha Singh – the only male Indian athlete who won athletics gold medal at Commonwealth Games. The movie gave a wonderful message of importance of Goal setting in life. Milkha Singh runs to attain different goals at different phases in life such as at first, young Milkha runs to reach home early; then to save his life during partition; then in Army cross country race for a milk mug, eggs and pardon from exercise and so on.
To get somewhere, it is important to first know where you are headed. First step towards a good financial plan is to set your goals right. Align your investments to your goals and run for them.

The Right Attitude
Chak de India revolves around the lives of a team of hockey players and their coach. It’s about a team of 16 girls from different states who come from different backgrounds and possess different set of skills but had just one dream- TO WIN THE WOMENS WORLD HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP. During the movie Shahrukh Khan quoted “Team banane ke liye taakat nae niyat chahiye” by which he meant it’s the right attitude which matters for a team to be good.
Similarly when it comes to personal finance it’s not the best product that would make you the best investor but it is your attitude that would matter the most. Even the most average product can make you a good investor provided you have the right attitude. Products with high returns would also do no good if you don’t have the right attitude.

Uncomplicate the Complicated
3 Idiots was another movie which taught that life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated. Here I am making a reference to the class room scene wherein the professor asked the students to “Define a Machine” where Aamir’s approach was so simple that even a layman could understand it as against Chatur who said something which possibly he also did not understand. As a result Aamir was kicked out of the class and Chatur received appreciation
In reality we all act like professors who want to hear the financial jargon such as Highest NAV guaranteed, Structured Product that deals in Futures and Options, derivatives etc.
Well, these are all complicated products which manufactures like to sell, distributors or agents like to talk about and investors who do not understand them, tend to get impressed. We ignore the common goal for which these financialproducts are meant and buy them without even evaluating its need

The Right Coach
All these movies also teach us an important lesson of life – The importance of a coach. Role of a coach is critical to anyone’s success whether in sports or personal finance. Before appointing an advisor; certain does he possess the requisite qualifications to be your financial advisor or is he just an advisor in the shoes of a salesman? Seek advice from someone who works in your interest.
Hope with these examples you would have a gained a perspective in your ownfinancial lives. In the end, I would like to say that managing personal finance is no rocket science but 99% common sense. So do what’s right for you and not what’s right for the world.

Happy investing!!!!


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