7 money encounters that makes you feel awesome

1No wonder how old we grow it still makes our day when we get money in our pockets. #UnexpectedMoney

2Woohoo! I am a grown up. I’ve got a bank account in my name. #GrowingUp  

3Ahhhh! Finally saved enough to give my little sibling the gift of it’s choice. #FeelingResponsible

4I can’t believe it! It’s my first investment. #FeelingProud 

5Swag mode on and when it happens for the first time, one can’t explain what it feels like. #MoneyPower

6No matter how many cards or mobile wallets or bank accounts you have, the wardrobe wallets still find their way in our lives. #HiddenTreasure

7A sigh of relief; it’s here finally. I’ve been waiting for it all the month. #MessageBeep 


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