How Can You Make Goddess Lakshmi Stay With You Forever?


Wish you all a very happy Diwali. On Diwali, we all worship goddess Lakshmi so that she blesses us with prosperity. But when we talk about Goddess Laxmi, we always worry about that one thing that we can do, so that Lakshmi ji stays with us forever.

Well, mythology has its answer. Do you know that Lakshmi ji is also known as Chanchala? The reason she’s known as chanchala is because she’s always on the move and does not stay at one place. But if you’ve noticed we’ve often seen a poster (the picture above also) wherein Lakshmi ji aka chanchala calmly sits with Vishnu ji and wishes to serve him.

Did you also see where both of them are sitting? They are sitting in the middle of the sea on Sheshnag i.e. they are sitting on huge un-stability calmly without any worries.

What if you’re made to sit on such un-stability?

Forget sitting we’ll keep roaming around here and there and will try to get out of it at the earliest without even thinking whether it’s going to affect us or not.

Yes that’s what we do, when we invest also! One news or one statement creates a panic and gives us sleepless nights and then the action starts whether it was a news of surgical strike in Pakistan, Cyrus Mistry being removed from Tata group or dollar movement or Geo political risk etc. We all know markets are volatile for those who trade but in the long run investors do make money in it. This all happens because the present looks unstable to us and hence we start reacting rather than acting.

So if you really willing to make Lakshmi ji stay with you forever; stay calm and composed even in tough times and just follow the plan as Vishnu ji does in the midst of the unstable sea.

May goddess Lakshmi bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity forever!


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