4 Ways In Which Your Financial Advisor Is A Friend In Disguise!

Does your financial advisor chat up with you more often than most of your friends? Do you always look up to him when you want to take an important financial decision such as making new investments (business/ personal or otherwise), when you can foresee some financial troubles coming. I am sure the discussions just don’t stop here, with time he become your confidant – a person whom you can count upon for almost everything.

There are many similarities between your financial advisor and your good friend. Did you ever notice? Well, it might seem like an odd comparison but it isn’t. There are many common traits that we desire in both. This friendship’s day, wish your financial advisor friend too; or if you don’t have one, may be its time to have a new friend to help you sort your financial mess!

Let’s see below how the two display curiously similar qualities! And if you feel they don’t then we seriously think that it’s time to change at least one of them!

  • Always there: For a friend to have this trait is quite obvious! We love to have the liberty of access to them at any time of the day or night and expect them to answer and listen to us with full attention. A good financial advisor too, like a good friend will find time for you and be always there to advise on your finances whether you talk to him regularly or not! He will even connect proactively like a good friend who drops in at any time to check on you
  • Honest and Open: One trait that differentiates a true friend is his/her honesty and openness no matter what! A good financial advisor too will be trustworthy, honest and open about his  opinions even if it means being critical of every decision or thought you share.He will never withhold any information and clearly explain his thoughts and recommendations.
  • Keeps (me) Calm: Like your good friend, your financial advisor too is always there to attend your panic call, refrain you from making any impulsive decisions and gives you sound advice that is good for you.
  • A keeper: We all have such moments with our friends where at first they appear annoying naggers who just won’t leave you and be constantly there looming around in every situation. However, its only when we look backwards we realize how they have been constantly pushing us in every situation, never letting us quit. A good financial advisor, like this friend, will also never give up on you and keep explaining and pushing you towards what is best for you. You better keep these stick-on(s) for life!

The next time your financial advisor meets you, we’re sure you will draw a mental comparison with your good friend. You will know in an instant if s/he is a keeper! If not, you know it is time to look for another and if they  are – do wish them a Happy Friendship Day!


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