5 Financial Vows Couples Should Take This Valentine’s Day

Love is great, it really is. Having someone to share your life, happiness and worries with, but more than often it isn’t all you need to make a relationship work. Stability is a key factor in every relationship and living in the world that we do, money surely matters. A lot of times relationships and marriages fail because the couple could not wrap their heads around their finances. So, this Valentine’s Day instead of only looking at love in a bubble, let’s also look at ways to keep the love going.

Get Rid of Debts

Understand one thing, your debts are the worst thing to burden your partner with. Before getting into married life or if you are already married, list down your debts if you have any and clear them out. If it’s not possible to do so quick enough, just make sure you are honest with your partner about them, for after marriage your debts become theirs too and they need to be prepared for it. Then as a couple, slowly but surely clear them out and bid good riddance to it, so that you can concentrate on each other and not on the money you owe another.

Set a Joint Goal

A couple dreams of many dreams together, of having children, going on vacations and so on, then why not set a joint financial goal as well. Have a chat with your partner and chalk down where you want the two of you to stand financially at the end of the year. Then, work towards it. Each of you should make contributions as per your abilities towards this goal. If one party seems to be straying away, the other needs to bring them back on track, and vice versa. This way, neither one feels all the financial burden.

Needs vs Wants

Perhaps one of the most important things when saving as a couple is to know the things you need vs the things you merely want. Now, both of you may have a different set of needs and wants, identifying them is a must. The needs of each partner must be met at all costs, as for wants it’s best if you take turns. If today your want was fulfilled, tomorrow is their turn. Even so, not all wants – yours and theirs – need to be fulfilled. Just giving into everything will drain the two of you financially, so figure out which want is actually worth spending money on after your needs are met.

Invest. Invest. Invest.

Once the two of you have nailed down the saving thing, get started with investing. Investments make your savings work for you. They give you more returns for the savings you have, which in turn, will give you a fatter cushion to rest on when the time arrives. So, chose your investments wisely and make them a part of your financial goals as time comes. 

Follow these simple yet highly effective (financial) advice so that your love doesn’t fizzle out when faced with the winds of money woes.


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