How are you planning for your retirement fund?


Senior CoupleThe average life span of Indians has increased considerably thanks to good health care and improved living conditions. It may sound like the ideal thing but it also means that they have long twilight years and possibly more than a decade or two where they will not be earning a living due to age and health. So it is but natural that unlike the previous generations, the current generations are more aware of the need to plan for their retirement years. They no longer consider their children as their retirement fund but instead prefer to plan and create enough funds to be able to have a good life long after retirement. Unfortunately most make a few basic mistakes which could lead to disastrous results. Continue reading “How are you planning for your retirement fund?”

50 is the new 60

Piggy Bank on beach vacation

Wish you all a very happy 2017! Today standing in 2017 it feels like we celebrated beginning of 2016 just sometime back. Time flies.

By now you all must have taken your new-year resolutions for 2017. We do this every year because we have fresh 365 days ahead of us and we wish to make the most out of them. But have you ever thought what would be your resolutions for 10950 days (30 years almost). Continue reading “50 is the new 60”

Start Early to Retire Rich


Plan for your retirement ahead of time to choose the life you want live during your gold years……Retirement is a beginning and not an end!!!! Now-a-days if we get a blessing from an elder – “jug-jug jiyo”, many often say “aashirwad dena ho toh yeh do ki sada khush raho, jyada ji ke kya karna hai”.

Can you imagine yourself living till the age of 100? This statement has two emotions – joy of living long and sadness of living too long. Yes, believe it or not, one of the biggest risks in our lives is going to be “risk of living too long”.

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