Financial Resolutions to keep in 2014

Close up of man's hand writing New Years resolution in notebook, studio shot

New Year is not about changing dates but direction. It’s not about changing the calendar but commitment. It’s not about changing actions but attitude.

New Year Resolutions are great way to make positive changes to your financial life. Though resolutions can be hard to keep but giving yourself easily attainable goals is a great path to success. Resolve to put your finances in order by picking simple money moves.

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What’s New What’s Good For You


For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and Next Year’s words awaits another voice. Wish you all a very Happy 2014!!! Hope this year brings lots of prosperity, good health and happiness to you and your dear ones.

Every passing day becomes our teacher and teaches us a lot.

If we talk of 2013 from investments angle, we will find it was a year of turbulence and not a great year for any asset class may it be real estate or gold or share market or fixed income securities. Equity market started in 2013 with optimism from 2012 where sensex gave over 20% returns in 2012. However in 2013 the overall return from sensex was just 9%. But the entire scenario seemed very scary with fluctuating dollar and gold prices. What amuses me here is that when gold prices saw a correction from 30k to 25k during the year it was seen as a great buying opportunity but we failed to see the same opportunity when the sensex fell. What 2013 taught us is that it’s not the markets which failed to give returns; it’s we who refused to make returns.

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Key to Wealth

Key to Wealth

We all want to be rich and want to amass huge wealth. But the fact is that 1% of the people own 64% of the overall wealth of the world. What is that they do? Do they really have a magic wand which makes money for them? We all work hard but then why only few are blessed by goddess Lakshmi. Let’s discuss what is the mantra which multiplies wealth and how can all of us become wealthy.

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Sachinn… Sachinn…

India v South Africa: Group B - 2011 ICC World Cup

One of the most adorable Indian, Sachin Tendulkar played his last innings of a journey which lasted 24 years, which no one has ever travelled till now and may be will be difficult or nearly impossible in future.

Sachin, the god of cricket, is not just a man who played cricket but Sachin is a concept which every person who dreams to become successful must follow. For investors as well, who wish to become wealthy and rich should follow “The Sachin Concept”.

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Is it the right time to invest in Equities ???

Word equity under magnifying glass

In earlier articles, we have been writing about which asset class to invest in current scenario and have covered real estate and fixed income market. In this series, we would discuss about equity market. Equity market is the true reflection on growth of economy and with the current state of economy which is in recession; markets are not performing from last 5 years.
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