Should you repay debt or invest

Repay DebtOff lately I have been sharing a lot of stories with you through the articles I write. But let me tell you what I write are not just stories but real life things that I keep hearing when I talk to people around. This week also I am going to tell you a story about a friend who’s also my client and how he learnt what managing money is all about. Continue reading “Should you repay debt or invest”

Debts that can derail your finances

Woman paying bills

Today it is possible to get almost everything on credit or through loan whether it is something as small as grocery or as big as a car or a home. People can even take loans to fund their education or fulfill their personal needs. Sometimes, in order to avoid debt people either do not buy what they need or they use their investments to buy it. While it’s possible to live completely debt free, but it’s not necessarily a very smart move.On the other hand there are people who buy even the smallest things (grocery or mobile phones etc.) on credit or on loan. Continue reading “Debts that can derail your finances”

Credit Card Swipe: Wipes the Pain

Retail eyes gains from bank card fee cutA while ago I wrote an article on needs v/s wants wherein I talked that in this fast paced world of consumerism we are increasingly concentrating on our wants viz a viz our needs. One of the biggest reasons for such a change is that we no more feel the pain of paying. You must be wondering, what is pain of paying? Imagine you are out for shopping and you come across a very smart watch. The moment you see it you feel like buying it as this was something you wanted for long. Now you have three options to pay for it i.e. Cash, Debit Card and Credit Card. Continue reading “Credit Card Swipe: Wipes the Pain”