Why do you need a financial advisor



Inactivity is the best activity when it comes to investing be it for advisors or investors. Whenever I say so, I am often asked that if I (investor) just have to stay put and do nothing then why do I need you. Most of the times it was difficult for me to explain my relevance to the investor. But a recent personal experience gave the answer to this million dollar question. Let me share that with you. Continue reading “Why do you need a financial advisor”

What it takes to be a Wealthy Investor

DisciplineRecently, I read somewhere that “when we invest we rarely give a thought to the importance of discipline in making our money our wealth and instead base our decisions on returns”. What people miss out is that it’s not returns that help you create wealth but it’s your discipline that does that. One must be thinking that what discipline has got to do with investments? But in reality it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing when you invest. Continue reading “What it takes to be a Wealthy Investor”

Stay Simple – Stay Foolish

Stay SimpleFew days back, I got a call from one of my acquaintances who asked me about a product which stated “Start a SIP and get an Insurance free”. Often it is believed that a lot needs to be done to manage the finances effectively and hence every time something new is launched in the market or is heard of or talked about, most of us get curious to know more about it and buy it irrespective of the fact whether we need it or not. Continue reading “Stay Simple – Stay Foolish”