It’s that time of the year when all things become about brothers and sisters. A day dedicated to their bond giving them an opportunity to show how much they care about each other, since for the rest of the year they find it their duty to annoy and irritate one another. Continue reading “BEST RAKHI GIFT FOR YOUR INDEPENDENT SISTER”

Do You Wish To Be Financially Free?

Freedom, to quote Rabindranath Tagore, is that state “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.” As we just celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of our country, let’s pay attention to the how can you attain financial freedom or in other words be financially free. But before we delve into it let’s understand what financial freedom is. Continue reading “Do You Wish To Be Financially Free?”

Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know

Real Estate

Do you have a special love for an asset class when you choose to invest your money? Do you have a major concentration of your investments in one asset class? If that is the case, can that asset class fulfill majority of your goals? Think about it! If it cannot then why are you investing in it?  Remember if your investments cannot ensure you financial freedom, then you do not justify your hard earned money and your dreams. Continue reading “Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know”

Comfort or Financial Freedom – What’s your choice

Caucasian man clinging to floating piggy bank

If I were to ask someone why do you want to invest? The most obvious answer would be to earn returns. That’s true. But if I were to recommend to invest in equity funds to do so, then people would just say “It’s risky, I want to invest in something which gives me guaranteed returns.” The reason we look for guaranteed returns is because we want to avoid pain or discomfort. The question is what you are investing for Comfort or Financial freedom?    Continue reading “Comfort or Financial Freedom – What’s your choice”