5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets

If something has drastically changed in the past few years, it is the way Indians do business. And any kind of change, whether good or bad, causes discomfort and distress for a while. Our economy is going through a transition period. The fact that our economy is still developing has made this transition even more challenging for us. Continue reading “5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets”

Do You Wish To Be Financially Free?

Freedom, to quote Rabindranath Tagore, is that state “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.” As we just celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of our country, let’s pay attention to the how can you attain financial freedom or in other words be financially free. But before we delve into it let’s understand what financial freedom is. Continue reading “Do You Wish To Be Financially Free?”

5 things that help you never run out of money

You have just started earning and are super excited about this monthly amount that is entirely yours to spend. We all have a list of things we want to do with ‘our own money’. Like, buy that expensive gadget, shop for our parents, siblings, buy that expensive gift for the boy/girlfriend and treat our friends. With your first paycheck also comes the first financial advice from your parents – ‘budget your income’ and ‘save for the adverse times’. Let us see below how making a budget and saving for the rainy day along with some other tips might help you live a financially secure and fulfilling life even if you feel your earnings are meager.

Continue reading “5 things that help you never run out of money”

Is tax planning a part of your financial planning?


It’s that time of the year when you’ll get to see big queues outside all the offices which sell products that allows you a rebate u/s 80C. Isn’t it? You also must be having a lot of questions about where should you invest to fulfil the limit of Rs.1.5 lacs. Have you ever thought why people worry about it only in the month of March every year? The sole reason for this is, because for most of us tax planning is a one-time ritual that is performed only when you near the last date to do so. We rush so that we can save ourselves from paying taxes in the month of July or September. Continue reading “Is tax planning a part of your financial planning?”

Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know

Real Estate

Do you have a special love for an asset class when you choose to invest your money? Do you have a major concentration of your investments in one asset class? If that is the case, can that asset class fulfill majority of your goals? Think about it! If it cannot then why are you investing in it?  Remember if your investments cannot ensure you financial freedom, then you do not justify your hard earned money and your dreams. Continue reading “Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know”