How To Talk The Money Talk


Often it is seen that people take a lot of time to openly talk about their finances and it’s not just about a talk between friends or colleagues or relatives but also between the life partners. Yes the two people who agreed to spend their lives together find it difficult to discuss finances together. Continue reading “How To Talk The Money Talk”

Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents


R0C7A5M4WBSingle parents have a lot to handle. They not only act as a sole provider of care or emotional support for their children but they may also be the sole financial provider for their children. If you are a single parent you need to consider these things while coming up with a prudent plan. Continue reading “Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents”

6 Life events that need financial planning

Picture5Often the bad times have taught us the importance of planning in life especially when it comes to finances. Hence most of us plan because we fear what if we have to face those bad times again. But sometimes even the best events in life – a birth or a new job or an unexpected raise or dream home may require a financial plan. These are the small little things that often gets lost in the midst of those big responsibilities that we have to shoulder. Continue reading “6 Life events that need financial planning”

Is tax planning a part of your financial planning?


It’s that time of the year when you’ll get to see big queues outside all the offices which sell products that allows you a rebate u/s 80C. Isn’t it? You also must be having a lot of questions about where should you invest to fulfil the limit of Rs.1.5 lacs. Have you ever thought why people worry about it only in the month of March every year? The sole reason for this is, because for most of us tax planning is a one-time ritual that is performed only when you near the last date to do so. We rush so that we can save ourselves from paying taxes in the month of July or September. Continue reading “Is tax planning a part of your financial planning?”