Are You Guilty of Lifestyle Inflation!!

lifestyle inflation


A chance meeting with an old acquaintance, let us call him Mr. X, reinforced my observation about the rampant lack of understanding regards to money management . I have known this gentleman for a couple of years now. He is a classic example of today’s generation.  I would like to share his story in order to highlight what I think is wrong with many people today. Continue reading “Are You Guilty of Lifestyle Inflation!!”

Have you managed your risk

Managed Risk

Whether it is investing, driving or walking down the street everyone exposes themselves to risk. At the outset, let us first understand what is risk in investing? We often hear people saying that you should not invest in XYZ, it is risky. To most of us, risk in investment is when market value goes down below the amount so invested. For instance, if Rs.1 Lac invested becomes Rs.98000, we presume it to be a risky investment. Continue reading “Have you managed your risk”