3 things to do in scary markets

Portrait of cute male toddler peeking through fingersSince a few days I have been getting a lot of calls from people “how do markets look to you” or “Should we withdraw the money” or “Do we need to restructure the portfolio” etc. However this is not the first time that I have been getting such calls. In past also I have got a lot of calls from people worried due to some or the other reasons. Every time something or the other becomes a reason for people to get panic and get worried about their hard earned money that has been invested. However this time the troubles are: Continue reading “3 things to do in scary markets”

Have you managed your risk

Managed Risk

Whether it is investing, driving or walking down the street everyone exposes themselves to risk. At the outset, let us first understand what is risk in investing? We often hear people saying that you should not invest in XYZ, it is risky. To most of us, risk in investment is when market value goes down below the amount so invested. For instance, if Rs.1 Lac invested becomes Rs.98000, we presume it to be a risky investment. Continue reading “Have you managed your risk”

Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies

Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies

We can learn from anything and everything that happens in our life. Movies have always been an eye opener for me and have taught me a lot about the basics of personal finance. In this post I would like to share all that I have learned from some great movies in the past

Set your Goals Right
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag revolves around the life story of Milkha Singh – the only male Indian athlete who won athletics gold medal at Commonwealth Games. The movie gave a wonderful message of importance of Goal setting in life. Continue reading “Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies”