Investing is much like driving a car

It’s often thought that if it isn’t complicated; it’s not serious or something is not right especially when it comes to investing. But over the years I have understood that the most complicated thing in this financial world is “simplicity” and I have been striving hard to find new ways to explain people the art of investing. This week I’ll discuss how investing is akin to driving a car.

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How to diversify your investment portfolio


Ever heard the phrase don’t put all eggs in one basket? Of course, who hasn’t!! Well, let’s discuss how this small sentence can become a big mistake of an investor’s life. One of my colleague shared an interaction that he had with one of his clients recently. The discussion was about the financial goals that the client wanted to plan for i.e. kid’s higher education, kid’s wedding, the client’s retirement etc.

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Mixing too many flavours can spoil the taste

Ice Cream

19th July this year was celebrated as National Ice Cream Day in United States. Former United States President Ronal Regan declared that July be called The National Ice Cream Month in 1984. Since then 3rd Sunday of July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day in many parts of the world. This day is a treat for ice cream lovers and makers alike. On every ice cream day ice cream stores and factories throughout the United States come up with all sorts of unique recipes of ice creams. People also celebrate this day at their homes either by buying these unique ice cream flavours or by making them at home. And the sole purpose of creating one-of-a-kind ice cream is to eat it.    Continue reading “Mixing too many flavours can spoil the taste”