How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future

They say the road to success is paved with knowledge, and they are a 100% right! Education is a must to move ahead in life. However, good education for your children today comes with a heavy price tag. So, what do you plan to do this Children’s Day for your kids? Continue reading “How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future”

5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Family In The Event Of Your Untimely Departure

At 32, Rohith was on top of the world. Married with a two-year-old daughter and was busy climbing up the corporate ladder as an investment banker. He was glad everything had come to him exactly the way he had planned it. Then, at the peak of happiness, calamity struck. One morning when he failed to make an appearance at the living room, Mrs. Rohith took his cup of tea to his room. Surprised to see him still in bed, she tried to wake him up. But he was gone, he had suffered a ‘silent attack’. When the mourning period was over and the bills pouring in, his partner started to search for documents to his assets. She was clueless about the passwords, documents and transactions as they never discussed matters neither did he leave a will. The family is running from pillar to post, but it appears to be a tedious process. Continue reading “5 Things You Can Do To Save Your Family In The Event Of Your Untimely Departure”

Children grow lightning fast, expenses follow suit

You still remember the day when you held your bundle of joy in your hands. You were in tears, of joy. Today, your child is your life. You come back home after a tiring day at work. But your little one’s smile cheers you up instantly. What joy it is to have a child around! Of course, you have plans for him/her. But are they concrete? Have you charted the plans considering the uncertainties tomorrows could hold? Is your answer a confident yes? Or a casual shrug of the shoulders is all you have for one? Whatever the case may be, here are a few points that would help you get the bigger picture. Continue reading “Children grow lightning fast, expenses follow suit”

Don’t let your kids dreams be just dreams

Kids Dreams


As your young ones would grow older, they’ll be asked many a times about what they want to be. At young age kids might say that they want to become what their dad, mom or their near or dear ones are. But it’s only when they grow up that they realize their dreams and what they actually want to be. For instance recently I was talking to one of my friend who was worried about his daughter’s higher education who aspires to be an interior designer. Like every parent he supported his daughter’s decision and wanted her daughter to go for the best option. Continue reading “Don’t let your kids dreams be just dreams”

Tax Saving and Financial Goal Connect

"Taxes" File Folder

“Oh the 80C limit has increased. I’ll have to increase my investments to save tax”!!! This is the most talked about thing on office desks and dinner tables these days. Tax saving is something that most of us are very serious and concerned about and hence we do every possible thing to reduce tax liabilities to minimal. But what is it that you are buying for??? Are you buying it just to save tax or save tax and fulfill financial goals such as retirement, kids planning etc.? The answer is “we want to save tax and save for our future as well”. But the fact is most of us just end up investing recklessly in a hurry to save tax and hence the financial goal takes a backseat. This is the story of first three months of every year where there are people who are selling and people who are buying. Continue reading “Tax Saving and Financial Goal Connect”