5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets

If something has drastically changed in the past few years, it is the way Indians do business. And any kind of change, whether good or bad, causes discomfort and distress for a while. Our economy is going through a transition period. The fact that our economy is still developing has made this transition even more challenging for us. Continue reading “5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets”

How Can You Make Goddess Lakshmi Stay With You Forever?


Wish you all a very happy Diwali. On Diwali, we all worship goddess Lakshmi so that she blesses us with prosperity. But when we talk about Goddess Laxmi, we always worry about that one thing that we can do, so that Lakshmi ji stays with us forever. Continue reading “How Can You Make Goddess Lakshmi Stay With You Forever?”

Does Spending Money Makes you Happy

Spending Spree

“Live as if it’s the last day of your life” – amazing thought it is!!!! But are we taking this philosophy too seriously? Few days back I happened to come across a few youngsters who wanted to plan their finances and believe me talking to them was real fun. I asked them a simple question ‘what does money mean to them’? The answer was simple it’s a medium to buy what we need and what we want. But the shocking fact was they knew how much were they spending on their needs but had no clue of the amount being spent on wants. It’s not just with these few young people, it’s with almost everyone today. Continue reading “Does Spending Money Makes you Happy”

Managing Money is a Kids Play

Germany - Leisure - Monopoly Game

I have often reiterated that money management is no rocket science and 99% common sense. But is it??? To most of us it isn’t and we are often worried about what needs to be done next to make sure we are managing our money the right way. The concern stems from the reason that we were never taught money management lessons and even if we were they were too theoretical and boring. Recently I encountered my young daughter playing “Monopoly” which reminded me of my childhood days. This board game taught me the most important lesson of my life – The Money Management Lesson. And believe me it’s still as insightful as it was then. Let’s see what it teaches!!!! Continue reading “Managing Money is a Kids Play”