5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets

If something has drastically changed in the past few years, it is the way Indians do business. And any kind of change, whether good or bad, causes discomfort and distress for a while. Our economy is going through a transition period. The fact that our economy is still developing has made this transition even more challenging for us. Continue reading “5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets”

What it takes to be a Wealthy Investor

DisciplineRecently, I read somewhere that “when we invest we rarely give a thought to the importance of discipline in making our money our wealth and instead base our decisions on returns”. What people miss out is that it’s not returns that help you create wealth but it’s your discipline that does that. One must be thinking that what discipline has got to do with investments? But in reality it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing when you invest. Continue reading “What it takes to be a Wealthy Investor”

6 Things to know to have an Amazing Spending Plan

Last week we discussed on why and how spending money gives us happiness. However, the fact is that these spending habits can derail our finances and may even make us compromise on our future needs. You must be wondering “what’s the best way to control this spending urge to plan the finances well?” The answer is

“Have a Budget”

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Financial Resolutions : To Make without a Break

New Year

With 2014 coming to an end, yet again we are gearing up to welcome the New Year. New Year brings along with it a tradition of making resolutions where we resolve to do or not to do certain things.

We all work to earn, to make sure we have what we want. Right isn’t it? But when we have money, that’s where the real problem starts. This year let’s resolve to do few common and simple things to get our financial house and life in order. Continue reading “Financial Resolutions : To Make without a Break”

Smart Ways to plan for Holidays

Smart Ways to plan for holidays

It’s time to plan for a holiday!!!! The March pressure has just come to an end and much awaited summer breaks of your kids are just round the corner. Planning a holiday today, is a task in itself. In this post we will highlight ways of planning a holiday which would not only ease your mental burdens but financial burdens as well.

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