Five Lessons From Dad You Can Use To Attain Financial Freedom!

Come June 17 and the world will celebrate Father’s Day! Of course, a day won’t suffice to bring to the fore what your dad means to you. However, looking back at what dad has taught you over the years in his inimitable style would help you pave your way to good financial health. Probably, the best way to make your dad happy on the occasion of Father’s Day is to let him know that you still adhere to what he has taught you. Here are five lessons your dad has taught you, and, which, you can use to attain financial freedom. Continue reading “Five Lessons From Dad You Can Use To Attain Financial Freedom!”

Stay Simple – Stay Foolish

Stay SimpleFew days back, I got a call from one of my acquaintances who asked me about a product which stated “Start a SIP and get an Insurance free”. Often it is believed that a lot needs to be done to manage the finances effectively and hence every time something new is launched in the market or is heard of or talked about, most of us get curious to know more about it and buy it irrespective of the fact whether we need it or not. Continue reading “Stay Simple – Stay Foolish”

Make Your Kids Money Smart

Money Matters

“Twinkle Twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky”

This rhyme reminds me of my childhood days when I was taking my first step towards becoming one of those stars who would shine like a diamond in the sky i.e. towards becoming a successful person in life. Today when I teach the same rhyme to my young daughter , I aspire the same for her. Continue reading “Make Your Kids Money Smart”