Does Spending Money Makes you Happy

Spending Spree

“Live as if it’s the last day of your life” – amazing thought it is!!!! But are we taking this philosophy too seriously? Few days back I happened to come across a few youngsters who wanted to plan their finances and believe me talking to them was real fun. I asked them a simple question ‘what does money mean to them’? The answer was simple it’s a medium to buy what we need and what we want. But the shocking fact was they knew how much were they spending on their needs but had no clue of the amount being spent on wants. It’s not just with these few young people, it’s with almost everyone today. Continue reading “Does Spending Money Makes you Happy”

Credit Card Swipe: Wipes the Pain

Retail eyes gains from bank card fee cutA while ago I wrote an article on needs v/s wants wherein I talked that in this fast paced world of consumerism we are increasingly concentrating on our wants viz a viz our needs. One of the biggest reasons for such a change is that we no more feel the pain of paying. You must be wondering, what is pain of paying? Imagine you are out for shopping and you come across a very smart watch. The moment you see it you feel like buying it as this was something you wanted for long. Now you have three options to pay for it i.e. Cash, Debit Card and Credit Card. Continue reading “Credit Card Swipe: Wipes the Pain”