Is it the right time to invest in Equities ???

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In earlier articles, we have been writing about which asset class to invest in current scenario and have covered real estate and fixed income market. In this series, we would discuss about equity market. Equity market is the true reflection on growth of economy and with the current state of economy which is in recession; markets are not performing from last 5 years.
It touched all time high of 21000 sensex in January 2008 and since then it’s been 5 years that markets have not been able to cross that level. Continue reading “Is it the right time to invest in Equities ???”

Things to know about Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Interest Rate Lure

Last week we discussed on investment in real estate and explained why investment in real estate at this juncture is quite risky. Just to recollect the discussion we said that real estate have surpassed its affordability factor and rental yields are at all-time low. With this asset class giving huge returns in last 10 years, it looks difficult that next 10 years would be as rosy as they have been in the past. Continue reading “Things to know about Fixed Income Investments”