Take hold of your Finances this Women’s Day

Take hold of your Finances This Womens Day !!!

From lovely daughters to understanding wives to caring mothers; 21st century women are much more than that. With women doing wonderfully well on all fronts of their lives be it professional or personal; yet they have to battle every day in a system that is stacked against them in many ways. There is absolutely nothing which a woman can’t do by herself whether it is fulfilling professional responsibilities or household commitments. Still they tend to ignore one of the most crucial aspects of their lives which is Personal Finance. Today also women shy away from money matters. In a recent survey conducted it was reported that about 77% of working Indian women depend on their father or spouse for making investment decisions for them.

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Vacation or a New House- SIP is your Bet !!!

Blue piggybank and teddy bear on shelf

Wonder if you get to save money ahead of time for a vacation that you plan to take next year or buy a new house next year in a regular and a disciplined manner. Sounds great; isn’t it??? SIP’s are a great way to accumulate money by way of small regular savings.

People who invest via SIP often say “pata hi nahi chalta, kab paise jud jaate hai”

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