Financial Resolutions : To Make without a Break

New Year

With 2014 coming to an end, yet again we are gearing up to welcome the New Year. New Year brings along with it a tradition of making resolutions where we resolve to do or not to do certain things.

We all work to earn, to make sure we have what we want. Right isn’t it? But when we have money, that’s where the real problem starts. This year let’s resolve to do few common and simple things to get our financial house and life in order. Continue reading “Financial Resolutions : To Make without a Break”

Financial Santa knocks The Door This Christmas

Santa giving Caucasian boy Christmas gift

What do we love about Christmas; does our delight reside in things or the feelings in our hearts? The real gift a Christmas brings is seeing the joy on the faces of those, whom we love the most. Around the world every year on Christmas Eve kids await gifts from Santa. Whether it is young ones or the elder ones everyone loves to receive gifts on this day.

Toys or other stuff may make your kids happy for some time but its memory may fade away with time. This Christmas let’s try something which is a bit different. Continue reading “Financial Santa knocks The Door This Christmas”

Stay Simple – Stay Foolish

Stay SimpleFew days back, I got a call from one of my acquaintances who asked me about a product which stated “Start a SIP and get an Insurance free”. Often it is believed that a lot needs to be done to manage the finances effectively and hence every time something new is launched in the market or is heard of or talked about, most of us get curious to know more about it and buy it irrespective of the fact whether we need it or not. Continue reading “Stay Simple – Stay Foolish”