5 Financial bad habits to defeat this Dussehra

Whoa it was Dussehra yesterday, the festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. As kids we used to make Ravana and then kill it just to relive the memories of the day and to remind ourselves that no matter what happens good things always win over bad

You must be wondering why am I writing all this as all of us know it pretty well already. In today’s world though Ravana does not exist but it does exists in form of poverty, illiteracy or otherwise. Continue reading “5 Financial bad habits to defeat this Dussehra”

Medical Insurance – Individual v/s Floater Plan

Individual v/s Floater PolicyUntil some years ago having a medical insurance was enough for people and most of them were not worried about its adequacy. But with increased awareness and rising medical costs people have even started considering the adequacy of their medical insurance cover i.e. would the medical cover be enough for them or their family.

Generally when you buy a medical cover you are often asked a question “Do you want a floater policy or an individual cover”. When this choice pops up we often tend to choose the one that we have seen others choosing or what our near and dear ones tell us to do. Continue reading “Medical Insurance – Individual v/s Floater Plan”

Home Loan v/s Goals – Which is the best bet ?

Home Loan

In last 6-7 years we have seen a surge in real estate buyers. With this sudden increase in demand for real estate the number people seeking home loans have also gone up. 7 out of 10 people that I meet are paying EMI’s for their home loans that they have taken. When I talk to people around they often raise a question “Should I prepay my home loan or should I save for my financial goals”. Continue reading “Home Loan v/s Goals – Which is the best bet ?”

Should you repay debt or invest

Repay DebtOff lately I have been sharing a lot of stories with you through the articles I write. But let me tell you what I write are not just stories but real life things that I keep hearing when I talk to people around. This week also I am going to tell you a story about a friend who’s also my client and how he learnt what managing money is all about. Continue reading “Should you repay debt or invest”