Investing is much like driving a car

It’s often thought that if it isn’t complicated; it’s not serious or something is not right especially when it comes to investing. But over the years I have understood that the most complicated thing in this financial world is “simplicity” and I have been striving hard to find new ways to explain people the art of investing. This week I’ll discuss how investing is akin to driving a car.

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Pay taxes on purchases or services you avail – Section 206C


Black money is deep rooted in our economy and for years government has been coming up with new ways and means to identify people’s undisclosed incomes. A recent amendment proposed in Section 206C in Finance Bill 2016 which is now an income tax provision has grown concerns for people who have not been disclosing their actual incomes.

This week I’ll throw some light on this new provision wherein the government made it clear that if you will not disclose your actual income we will not let you spend your undisclosed income without our notice. Continue reading “Pay taxes on purchases or services you avail – Section 206C”