Are you really an aggressive investor?


In my role as a financial advisor I come across clients with varying temperaments. Some portray themselves as conservative investors, some as opportunistic investors and others as aggressive investors. Of all these it is the aggressive investor that piques my interest, for the simple reason that I love to get behind the thoughts of such investors and like to discover what makes them tick. I always want to know what makes them aggressive as investors and if they really are as aggressive as they think they are. Continue reading “Are you really an aggressive investor?”

Fixed Deposits: are they the right decision?


fixeddepositThe Fixed Deposit has been the go to investment option for most people over the ages. They are generally safe and give decent returns with respect to interest and inflation. The recent drop in fixed deposit interest rates have made the investors a little unsure about the profitability of investing in them. This was reaffirmed when a client called me a couple of weeks ago wanting to discuss investment opportunities and showing little or no interest in FDs. Continue reading “Fixed Deposits: are they the right decision?”

Keep it simple: Keep it clean: Make it successful


Here is wishing all our readers a very happy Financial New Year from the Investorshala desk. The calendar New Year is the harbinger of new resolutions and promises that we make to our selves. Some we keep and some are forgotten as the weeks pass by. This new financial year lets us make and try our utmost to keep some financial resolutions. Continue reading “Keep it simple: Keep it clean: Make it successful”