Are your official documents correct

02Mistakes in name or in address are a very common thing in our official documents or correspondences be it Voter ID, Driving License, Electricity/ Telephone bills, PAN Cards etc. They hardly get our attention as we think they are small mistakes and would hardly make any difference. But these small little differences can sometimes create big troubles.

For instance, sometimes Neeta Sharma or Nita Sharma, Rajeev or Rajiv etc. looks like only a spelling mistake to us. But these small spelling mistakes make one person as two different identities in the eyes of regulations. Sounds strange; but that’s the truth!    Continue reading “Are your official documents correct”

5 Reasons Why Not to Invest in Bitcoins

Bitcoins have been in discussions everywhere. Let it be in your friend circle, new channels or elsewhere around. A huge part of our nation’s population is not aware about it and some are not well known to it. Those who have heard about it as a quick moneymaking method never knew about it well. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, which is a digital form of currency, a part of a tech revolution itself. Do you think this is seriously going to help you invest money and get a quick return? No, investing money in the form of Bitcoins can later be the worst nightmare if you run after your greed.

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