How Women Can Take Charge Of Their Finance

We are super happy to tell you all, that recently our Founder – Ashish Modani was invited to ‘She Talks Money’ – an event organized by SheThePeople TV in Jaipur to address the importance of ‘Why women should take charge of their finances’. Continue reading “How Women Can Take Charge Of Their Finance”


Top retailers and e-commerce moguls announce their alluring big discount sales well in advance before the festive season. Be it Amazon’s Big Indian Festival sale or Flipkart’s Big Billion sale or Myntra’s FashionOtsav sale – they’re all ready and they’re reaching out for your pockets! Continue reading “FESTIVALS AND THE ART OF SPENDING WISELY”

What should you do when the market drops

India has been the best performing stock market in Asia for most of 2018. In the last one month though, it has fallen from that status. The rupee has been the worst Asian currency this year and has fallen further down in recent weeks. Oil prices are at an all-time high. The S&P BSE sensex Index took the lowest weekly plunge in 2 years, last Friday. Continue reading “What should you do when the market drops”

5 ways to help older people navigate new age financial tools

1st October is observed as International day of older persons. We think they’ve navigated the toughest hurdles of their life and are finally at ease, but what we don’t realize is that something like keeping up with rapidly changing technological advancements; that is second skin to us might not be something they can grasp with equal ease. They feel alienated in this fast evolving world and need a little hand holding to navigate these new developments that are making our life convenient, but proving to be a hindrance for them.

Continue reading “5 ways to help older people navigate new age financial tools”