Tax Planning: What NOT to do!

The biggest goal of planning your taxes beforehand is to pay less income tax. But what we fail to foresee is that by planning our taxes smartly, we not only save a ton of money but we also get a chance to boost our overall financial portfolio. When it comes to strategizing your tax planning, one size does NOT fit all. Tax planning involves analyzing your current financial situation from the point of view of your taxes. This helps you in optimizing your finances and make the most of the various tax exemptions and deductions available. Continue reading “Tax Planning: What NOT to do!”

Teach Kids the Value of Money; Learn to say NO now!

Every parent hopes to be their kid’s superhero, to be perfect for them at all costs. However, more than often a parent’s idea of perfection costs them a lot monetarily and raises kids who don’t value money enough, or rather judge everyone and everything based on money. Buying whatever your children want is never a good idea. Learning to say ‘no’ on the other hand is. Here are some tips on how to master the art of saying NO. Continue reading “Teach Kids the Value of Money; Learn to say NO now!”

Must-Follow Resolutions For The 20 Something

Being in your 20’s seems nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. One’s 20’s is a time filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows and with all this the struggle of making ends meet is like  default setting in the 20’s. You aren’t a child to ask parents for financial support, but you haven’t quite yet aced the savings game either, so every month end becomes a funds end. But, with just a little bit of help you can stay afloat and slowly but surely be in the position you want to be in financially. Here are some New Year resolutions everyone in their 20’s need to make. Continue reading “Must-Follow Resolutions For The 20 Something”

Haste Makes Waste – Steer Clear Of Reckless Investing In The New Year

The beginning of the New Year brings us closer to the end of the financial year. So, after bringing in New Year with a bang, people are now scramming to fill up their tax declarations and making last-minute attempts to save money on taxes. While on the surface this seems like the smart thing to do, in actuality the last financial quarter is the least ideal time to begin new investments. Why, you ask? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Haste Makes Waste – Steer Clear Of Reckless Investing In The New Year”

5 key financial resolutions you can keep this New Year

New Year resolution goes deeper than just tradition. It re instills hope in us that we can still work to grow and improve ourselves and our lives. So what better time than now to choose a goal and plan for 2019? Here’s your chance to step up your personal savings goal this year. We have broken down a few rigid financial goals into more attainable milestones – kick-starting the journey of a thousand miles simpler and smarter. Continue reading “5 key financial resolutions you can keep this New Year”