What should I do in this Current Market?

We have entered a world which was never seen before, never heard off and never thought of.  Carona is definitely a big issue which we all have to responsibly deal with. With markets hitting lower circuits and investors existing in Panic with deep losses,  questions are being asked – what should I do as an investor.

Let’s answer this from another angle. You have invested in a Restaurant or a Gym or you are running a hotel.. your business is totally shut… There are so many other businesses which are totally shut. You don’t know how long

it will take to open and come back to normalcy. What would you be doing now? Would you close down your business or wait till the dust gets settled. Most of you would say WAIT…

Let me take another example…You have a piece of land or flat as investment…with all that is happening… the value of it would have also fallen… gold has fallen, silver has gone down… what are we doing, are we selling them?  No… we are just waiting ….. let the dust settle.

Point is if we assume that the world is going to end -then there is no relevance of investments at this point in time. But if we assume – the world is going to restart again after a brief pause, them just hang on:

At this time three R’s are important

  • Remember this too shall also pass 
  • Remain calm
  • Be Responsible citizen

There is nothing new under the sun….  We had a crisis earlier also:

  • 1984  Prime Minister of India was assassinated
  • 1987  Stock market fell the most. that fall  was bigger than this fall
  • 1991 India was literally bankrupt
  • 1992 Harshad Mehta scam came out when the stock market tumbled more than 55%
  • 1997 Ketan Parikh scam shocked the market
  • 1999 Kangil was happened
  • 2000 Tech Bubble busted again markets  went down over 60%
  • 2001 WTC attacked happened in USA…it was  assumed that World War III would start
  • 2008 global financial crisis hit the world hard .. Markets went from 21000 to  8000 (62% Loss)
  • And now it’s 2020, where Corona which is a health issue is hitting the market hard. Today the world is united to fight. This crisis once over life will climb to normalcy.

During such a crisis, only big rallies have come. In May 2009 Sensex rallied over 18% in just one day. Yes, your patience will get tested, Confidence will shake many times, but you still have to believe on one fact humans have fought many battles earlier also and have not only survived but also thrived from Crisis.

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