Top-up health insurance? Why would I need that?

Surely you took care of your health insurance long back! Or it could be that your employer is taking care of it. Besides you’re healthy and fit, so why worry about it, right? 

We often like to think that all misfortunes are for others and that such a travesty will never befall on ourselves. If corona pandemic has taught us anything, it is the fact that anything can happen to anyone at any time. So, what do we do then? Atleast, be prepared.

We know you already have a health insurance or are probably covered as a dependent. But will it suffice? Will the sum insured (that you picked several years back) be enough to cater to today’s medical expenses? Not sure?

You need to think of a Health insurance top-up 

A top-up health plan is an health insurance cover who have existing individual health plans or our covered by a Mediclaim from the employer. It is taken to cover up for additional medical treatment charges that you may incur beyond your existing cover. 

You must be wondering why would you need an additional cover when you already have one. Here are the reasons worth considering-:

Your current policy may not cover for inflated hospitalization charges

You probably picked up your health insurance several years back. Given the inflation, hospitalization charges have soared like anything in the past years. There are so many charges to cover for apart from the tests and Doctors’ fees, it is unthinkable to get hospitalized without a health insurance with enough sum insured to cover you up well. It will be a good idea to relook at your current sum insured and compare it to average medical expense in an unfortunate case of an illness/accident. Does it seem like it will be adequate? If not, it’s time for you to consider a health top-up.

Office Insurance might not be enough

True, your organization must be taking care of you and your dependents but is it enough? Employers health insurance, though compulsory might not be suitable for you. A plan should cover you for a range of surgeries, as these are medical procedures that cost the most. Does it cover for critical illnesses? Employers Health Insurance plans are mostly group plans which have little or no scope for customization, no guaranteed continuation in case you quit the organization and there are gaps in coverage benefits. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t take it or go for another one. In this scenario, it is best to get a health top up that is suitable for you and will fill for all the gaps an office insurance leaves. 

With years adding up to your age, sooner or later you or your dependents might have to go to a hospital if you haven’t (harsh reality). If you have, you know the kind of expenses well. Room rents, in-patient treatment, pre and post hospitalization charges and the medicines or injection, it can be daunting. A health top up can help you cater for all these. It works like a stepony to your existing health insurance plan; to help you out in times of need.