Why you should involve kids with family financial matters

Kid earning money for future

It’s International Day of Families! Today’s podcast is going to revolve around the ones who add energy, enthusiasm, and fun to our family time i.e kids. We make sure to care about them, educate them, and protect them. However, do we take enough steps to make them more aware about the family’s financial matters? We often seem to hesitate when it comes to discussing finance with our kids.

When kids learn about finance right from a young age, it helps them to develop the understanding and responsibility of handling finance on their own. It makes them capable and ready to interact with the world when they grow up and to become a financially strong and responsible individual.

Listen to the podcast to know why you must include them in the conversations regarding finance and how you can do that.  Tune in now – https://bit.ly/3lFs4rV

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3 financial tips to fight Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 has taught us all how an emergency doesn’t come with a prior warning. A sudden life change like this one surely takes a toll on our minds. In addition, it impacts our financial stability.

At a time when we’re concerned about our physical health, there is an unforeseen shift in our financial health too. We’re all taking precautions and utmost care to stay safe from the deadly virus. But were we all prepared in advance to cope with financial emergencies too?

Being in the middle of a pandemic, it is also necessary to realize the importance of being prepared financially in order to maintain our financial health. In this podcast, we are going to discuss three key things that will help you to handle an emergency situation with a calm mind and sustain your financial wellbeing. Tune in now – https://bit.ly/3lFs4rV

P.S – We are an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor.