Why “High Returns” are “The Worst Reference Points” when Investing

Whenever you plan on investing, it’s important to pay attention to the reason behind your investment. When your sole intention of investing is to get good returns, there are high chances, you may not make a wise decision.

At times, what may look like an ideal asset for investing your money might not be the one. This podcast is for the early investors and for the seasoned ones to understand why staying invested solely in the returns can invite trouble in the long run and make you feel financially insecure.

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Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?

Every 20-something has an idea of what their dream home should look like. While for some bringing to life this dream comes easy, for a lot others it is rather difficult. Owning a home for those in their 20s and 30s today isn’t what it used to be in their parent’s generation. With the soaring property rates many youngsters are moving towards renting houses instead of buying and they have perfectly sound reasons for doing this. Here are some of them –: Continue reading “Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?”

Will Property Prices Fall Further?


The last few months have seen a marked stagnation in the property market. There are hardly any buyers and even the sellers are wary. Demonetization has had a huge role to play in this field. There has been reasonable correction in land and building prices but as an observer I expect the market to experience further correction before it stabilizes in the true sense. Continue reading “Will Property Prices Fall Further?”