Tax Planning: What NOT to do!

The biggest goal of planning your taxes beforehand is to pay less income tax. But what we fail to foresee is that by planning our taxes smartly, we not only save a ton of money but we also get a chance to boost our overall financial portfolio. When it comes to strategizing your tax planning, one size does NOT fit all. Tax planning involves analyzing your current financial situation from the point of view of your taxes. This helps you in optimizing your finances and make the most of the various tax exemptions and deductions available. Continue reading “Tax Planning: What NOT to do!”

Five Points To Ponder Before You Quit Your Job

Is your reason to leave your job stronger than your reason to continue in your job? If so, you have a valid reason to continue reading this. Before you take the big decision, you need to ponder over the bigger questions. Consider the following five points if you are nursing the thought of leaving your job. Continue reading “Five Points To Ponder Before You Quit Your Job”

10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part-2)

10 Month Impact

It’s been 14 days since the Prime Minister had announced the ban of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. The day announcement was made, I heard a lot of people saying that people will definitely find loopholes and save their money. Unfortunately all their dreams were shattered to bypass the system as the government did just stop there. Everyday there’s a new announcement which curbs the so called “new bypass ways” of the people to save their black money. As I said I’ll be sharing my views on what would be the impact of currency ban in 10 Days -10 Months – 10 Years; so here are my views on currency ban impact in next 10 months. Continue reading “10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part-2)”

10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part 1)

10 Day Impact

The Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency ban has become a talk of the town. Whether it’s offices or homes or dinner tables or hangouts with friends; everywhere people are just talking about this ban, what will happen next and are debating on this move of the Modi government. So in this article I’ll be throwing light on what will be the impact of this bold move in next 10 days. Continue reading “10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part 1)”