Youth is the Biggest Financial Asset

Youth. It’s that time of our lives that “all of us” wait for and the “old” long to go back to.

Youth is recognized as the most valuable asset of any nation as it’s the youth that takes the nation forward. 12th August has been designated as the International Youth Day (IYD) by The United Nations and is observed as the day to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. Continue reading

4 Ways In Which Your Financial Advisor Is A Friend In Disguise!

Does your financial advisor chat up with you more often than most of your friends? Do you always look up to him when you want to take an important financial decision such as making new investments (business/ personal or otherwise), when you can foresee some financial troubles coming. I am sure the discussions just don’t stop here, with time he become your confidant – a person whom you can count upon for almost everything. Continue reading