How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future

They say the road to success is paved with knowledge, and they are a 100% right! Education is a must to move ahead in life. However, good education for your children today comes with a heavy price tag. So, what do you plan to do this Children’s Day for your kids?

Career Choices are unlimited

The world today offers children a thousand vocations and professions to choose from. Kids are not only aiming to become the doctors, engineers and lawyers of the future, they are also aspiring to become aeronautical designers, sound composers, media marketers and many more designations that makes you say “Does this position even exists?”

Education Costs are sky-rocketing

Additionally, a huge number of children are aiming to get their degrees, masters and qualifications from universities abroad. According to a recent government report, an estimated 5.53 lakh students are currently studying in countries across the globe, with USA and Australia being a preferred destination for most. And as we all know, a degree from a renowned international university definitely does not come cheap.

Not just this, the course fee in India’s premier management school has increased by 400% than what it used to be a decade back. If the fee continues to increase at the rate it is, by 2025 it would cost a whopping Rs.95 lacs for a 2 year course. Even undergraduate courses are seeing a steady rise in fees with every passing year.

As parents, you always want what’s best for your children and great education is one of them. But the thing about great education is that it costs a pretty penny. To give them the training they want, you as a parent, need to start taking steps in the right direction. Saving and then investing in order to save for your child’s future is one such crucial step.

Starting small, but starting now is the key. Beginning your investments while your child is young or as soon as they are born is the ideal scenario, as you then have nearly 13-15 years to save up.


A goal-based investment strategy is the right way to go about this. Setting a target and then chalking out a plan that best suits your income flow will help you achieve your investment goal in time. The type of investment plan you follow needs to be altered based on your child’s age and the amount that you think is what is required for your kid’s higher education (make sure you’re not biased while you determine this amount ;)).

Remember, a plan that worked for your neighbour’s kid, may not work for yours. So think it through and don’t be hesitant to get the help and advise you need. 

Choosing The Right Strategy

Young Kids – If you’ve got a new born or your kid is still in the primary school, equity mutual funds are the right investments for your kids as time is by your side.

Entering teens – If your kids are just 2-3 years away from teenage or have just entered their teenage, then balanced funds (a mix of equity and debt) are the best investments.

High Schoolers – If it occurred to you when your kid is already in its high-school; you can’t afford to take any risks and hence go aboard with debt based investments.

This Children’s Day take a step, to give the wings your children need to fly high.


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