Big Fat Indian weddings will not keep your daughters the happiest

Unlike most Westerners, in India, the wedding expenditure is primarily the parents’ domain. Even with the current generation taking onus of all matters of their own wedding, the fact remains that it is a huge expenditure!

The interesting part is this expenditure, (like a child’s education), is known and almost a certainty. This gives us a huge advantage of being able to take steps towards assuring this amount well in time before the actual event. However, what is more interesting is that it’s  hardly ever done! 

Your daughters need more than big fat weddings

Mostly to fulfil the social obligations, one ends up spending copious amounts to make the
weddings grand and lavish! recently conducted a survey called The Big Fat Indian Wedding Market Survey 2018. According to this survey, 20% females wanted to spend Rs.10-20 lakhs and around 6% wanted to spend Rs.20-40 lakhs (given maximum expenses are still done by the daughter’s parents)

However, if we take a moment here to think, how much of that money would really help your daughter? As dutiful parents, on your daughters weddings, why not gift them a financial security that never gets worn out or old or out of fashion? This would not only make her confident but would also make her financially strong so she’s not at the mercy of her husband or in-laws or even you, especially should things go wrong after the marriage!

It is understandable that you earmarked money for your daughter’s grand wedding and might have planned to throw a reception that becomes the talk of the town or your family. But is it important than a gift that your own daughter would cherish forever?

Probably that expensive venue will have to go and gold jewelry pieces that were anyway going to rot in the bank locker will have to be reduced. Surely, the dresses can be beautiful without having the designer tag and do your guests really need 1000 dishes on the menu? We know you might feel bad for a while but trust me it would be by far the best wedding gift you can give your daughter.

So, you must be wondering how should you accumulate that gift of financial security for your daughter? We’ve identified 3 stages that your daughters might fall in while you’re planning to save/invest for the best gift that you can give your daughters.


If your daughter is young and you still have more than 10 years ahead of you, best is to start investing in equity mutual funds and let the magic of compounding work for your daughter’s wedding gift.


If you have just 10 years or less left with you, a good balance of Equity and Debt funds together make for a more wise choice. With low risk as compared to only equity funds, ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) with added tax benefits makes for a good investment option.


If you can foresee the wedding in next 5 years, Debt Funds should be your preferred choice as you need to keep them in semi liquid form as you may not know when your daughter would want to use it.

Apart from that, the safest and tried & tested options would be starting a PPF account, FDs  and RDs which have been very popular with parents and grandparents; an investment in mutual funds or SIPs in the name of your child, especially daughter is also a very promising option that gives you leverage of investing small amounts for a longer duration hence multiplying the money manifold.

Looking beyond the traditional methods, make that money saved for your daughter, actually useful for your daughter! Give her what she really needs, a constant support and guidance from you on all matters, especially after her marriage!


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