The Game Of Investment – Why Board Games Are Good For Kids

When they say ‘start them young’, what they mean is that any good habit that you want your kids to have should be taught to them as early as possible. There’s logic behind this too; habits inculcated as children tend to stay with us for life. With Christmas around the corner, it’s a good idea to invest in gifts that help your children really understand the finer nuances of money and economy. If you are a parent that wants your children to be financially responsible adults, then give them a taste of money making and saving from now.

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Black Friday Sales or Extended Diwali Mela?


Black Friday Sale text on a red and black tag. Shopping concept.

The foreign brands have penetrated Indian markets like never before! We wear their clothes, use their electronics and watch their movies. We know about their culture well. It was almost natural for the Black Friday sale to penetrate into the Indian market, especially with big industry giants trying to woo the Indian market and cut competition with local startups!

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