Seven Financial Wows For Newly Weds

Bridal-bangles-sets-for-bride-on-wedding-7Recently I met some family friends, who were busy preparing for their son’s upcoming wedding. After a few minutes of pleasantries, the conversation meandered its way to financial planning and money management. As the couple would be starting their life in a new city, it was but natural that the parents were worried. They included me in the conversation looking for a professional point of view.
It struck me that there was plenty of advice that I could impart to a newly married couple that could help build a sound financial foundation for their new lives together. Just as the seven wows of marriage help towards a good relationship, these seven financial wows will keep you in good financial health, providing a solid foundation for life. Continue reading

Wo-money-ia – The call of the Hour

womoneyia-11Women are taking the world by their strides. The achievements of the fairer sex in the work arena are no longer insignificant. Women have gone from supplementing household incomes to contributing equally to it. And yet it is so difficult to find women who handle their own finances. They may earn as much as their brothers or husbands and yet most of them will not take an initiative when it comes to managing their finances. Why is it that in an era where the CEOs of leading banks like ICICI, Axis and SBI are women, the average working woman still does not come forward to take her own financial decisions?
It is actually quite disturbing to see intelligent and articulate women, look on without any seeming interest or understanding when the topic of conversation centers on investments and finances. It is essential that we try to understand this lack of interest and initiative on part of women simply because women need to understand how money works and how it needs to be handled to their advantage. Continue reading

50 is the new 60

Piggy Bank on beach vacation

Wish you all a very happy 2017! Today standing in 2017 it feels like we celebrated beginning of 2016 just sometime back. Time flies.

By now you all must have taken your new-year resolutions for 2017. We do this every year because we have fresh 365 days ahead of us and we wish to make the most out of them. But have you ever thought what would be your resolutions for 10950 days (30 years almost). Continue reading

10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part-2)

10 Month Impact

It’s been 14 days since the Prime Minister had announced the ban of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. The day announcement was made, I heard a lot of people saying that people will definitely find loopholes and save their money. Unfortunately all their dreams were shattered to bypass the system as the government did just stop there. Everyday there’s a new announcement which curbs the so called “new bypass ways” of the people to save their black money. As I said I’ll be sharing my views on what would be the impact of currency ban in 10 Days -10 Months – 10 Years; so here are my views on currency ban impact in next 10 months. Continue reading