Medical Insurance – Individual v/s Floater Plan

Individual v/s Floater PolicyUntil some years ago having a medical insurance was enough for people and most of them were not worried about its adequacy. But with increased awareness and rising medical costs people have even started considering the adequacy of their medical insurance cover i.e. would the medical cover be enough for them or their family.

Generally when you buy a medical cover you are often asked a question “Do you want a floater policy or an individual cover”. When this choice pops up we often tend to choose the one that we have seen others choosing or what our near and dear ones tell us to do. Continue reading

Hiding facts while taking Medical Insurance can be costly

Hiding facts while taking Medical Insurance can be costly

When you take a medical Insurance for you or your family you are often asked “Do you have any pre-existing diseases or any family history for any disease”. Many of us without giving a thought say “No we are hail and hearty”. There could be various reasons due to which people say so viz. the fear of not getting the policy or fear of paying a higher premium or sometimes out of ignorance of its consequences. Continue reading

Don’t Need a Health Insurance – Do You ???

Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt but most of us need medical care at some point. Health care costs are rising astronomically and they can hit you hard if you don’t have an insurance to fight them. When you or loved ones need medical attention, there is nothing you see beyond. Be it your retirement or kid’s future or other dreams. Everything takes a back seat.  And if you have a family and parents dependent on you, then frequency of these setbacks may be more as you don’t know who would need medical attention and when.  Continue reading

Myths and Realities about Life Insurance

We are nearing towards the end of another financial year and like any other year; everyone is on the run to save taxes. We see a lot happening around, in this JFM quarter where the motive is to save maximum tax. However, it’s an icing on the cake if it helps to plan the future as well.

One of the most preferred ways to save taxes is to buy a life insurance. No wonder, most of us have Life Insurance or even if we don’t have, we know what it is. Life Insurance is that tool which ensures that your loved ones would be taken care of even when you are not around. Continue reading