Are your official documents correct

02Mistakes in name or in address are a very common thing in our official documents or correspondences be it Voter ID, Driving License, Electricity/ Telephone bills, PAN Cards etc. They hardly get our attention as we think they are small mistakes and would hardly make any difference. But these small little differences can sometimes create big troubles.

For instance, sometimes Neeta Sharma or Nita Sharma, Rajeev or Rajiv etc. looks like only a spelling mistake to us. But these small spelling mistakes make one person as two different identities in the eyes of regulations. Sounds strange; but that’s the truth!    Continue reading

3 easiest ways for young adults to start investing


“Investing” looks like an alien word if you’ve just got out of college and started with your first job or business or even for those who are making money while they are still in college. The problem that everyone at this age faces is “that they don’t have enough money to invest”. Well that’s only a myth because you really don’t need a lot of money to start investing. Investing even very small amounts at this age can reap big rewards going forward. Here are 3 simple steps that can get you started:- Continue reading

Investing is much like driving a car

car-926834_640It’s often thought that if it isn’t complicated; it’s not serious or something is not right especially when it comes to investing. But over the years I have understood that the most complicated thing in this financial world is “simplicity” and I have been striving hard to find new ways to explain people the art of investing. This week I’ll discuss how investing is akin to driving a car.

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