Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor

Most of us wish to be left with a handsome inheritance by someone in our family, but very few of us know what to do with all the money once we attain it. We either spend it all on a spree and are left with nothing when we really need it or make all the wrong decisions with the money and regret later. We want to help you make the most of your inheritance, and so, here’s looking at certain practices to follow when you come into a considerable inheritance. Continue reading “Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor”

Teach Kids the Value of Money; Learn to say NO now!

Every parent hopes to be their kid’s superhero, to be perfect for them at all costs. However, more than often a parent’s idea of perfection costs them a lot monetarily and raises kids who don’t value money enough, or rather judge everyone and everything based on money. Buying whatever your children want is never a good idea. Learning to say ‘no’ on the other hand is. Here are some tips on how to master the art of saying NO. Continue reading “Teach Kids the Value of Money; Learn to say NO now!”

How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future

They say the road to success is paved with knowledge, and they are a 100% right! Education is a must to move ahead in life. However, good education for your children today comes with a heavy price tag. So, what do you plan to do this Children’s Day for your kids? Continue reading “How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future”

August Occasions to Invest and Save!

August is a more eventful month than we give it credit for! We found numerous occasions to remind you how taking care of your financial health is important and adds to the festivities of life. Friendship Day, Youth Day, Independence Day and very recently Rakshabandhan – all of them gave us an opportunity to talk about finances. Continue reading “August Occasions to Invest and Save!”


It’s that time of the year when all things become about brothers and sisters. A day dedicated to their bond giving them an opportunity to show how much they care about each other, since for the rest of the year they find it their duty to annoy and irritate one another. Continue reading “BEST RAKHI GIFT FOR YOUR INDEPENDENT SISTER”