Bollywood’s Strongest – Women Characters to look up to this Woman’s Day

It’s safe to say that today a large number of women don’t conform to gender roles set in the yesteryears. The women of today have gone against the patriarchy and their own inhibitions and have emerged as strong and independent individuals. Indian cinema and Bollywood, in particular, is also giving way to such realistic portrayals of the modern Indian woman. So, on this Women’s Day, we take a look at some of the most inspirational women role models Bollywood has given us that teaches us how financial independence empowers a woman. Continue reading “Bollywood’s Strongest – Women Characters to look up to this Woman’s Day”

Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?

Every 20-something has an idea of what their dream home should look like. While for some bringing to life this dream comes easy, for a lot others it is rather difficult. Owning a home for those in their 20s and 30s today isn’t what it used to be in their parent’s generation. With the soaring property rates many youngsters are moving towards renting houses instead of buying and they have perfectly sound reasons for doing this. Here are some of them –: Continue reading “Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?”

Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor

Most of us wish to be left with a handsome inheritance by someone in our family, but very few of us know what to do with all the money once we attain it. We either spend it all on a spree and are left with nothing when we really need it or make all the wrong decisions with the money and regret later. We want to help you make the most of your inheritance, and so, here’s looking at certain practices to follow when you come into a considerable inheritance. Continue reading “Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor”

5 Financial Vows Couples Should Take This Valentine’s Day

Love is great, it really is. Having someone to share your life, happiness and worries with, but more than often it isn’t all you need to make a relationship work. Stability is a key factor in every relationship and living in the world that we do, money surely matters. A lot of times relationships and marriages fail because the couple could not wrap their heads around their finances. So, this Valentine’s Day instead of only looking at love in a bubble, let’s also look at ways to keep the love going. Continue reading “5 Financial Vows Couples Should Take This Valentine’s Day”

The Do’s And Don’ts To Save You From Identity Theft

The digital age has made life a whole lot convenient, however, it has also created a safety threat  that didn’t exist before. Internet fraud is all too common and it can happen to literally anyone. Yesterday, we recognized ‘Safer Internet Day’, a day which inspires the use of  technology responsibly, respectfully and critically. If you are someone who is constantly making transactions online, either in terms of online banking, investing or even online shopping. Here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts that we have put together for you to follow stat!  Continue reading “The Do’s And Don’ts To Save You From Identity Theft”