As an investor are you the Deaf Frog?

Deaf Frog

This may seem like a strange title for a financial blog, but it carries with a deep meaning that resonates with the financial world and your choices. Many of you might be wondering about this strange analogy, so let me start with the story of ‘the Deaf Frog’. You will find many versions of this story but this is the version I like. A group of frogs decided to have a race. They decided to climb a steep and tall tower. The one who reached the top first would be the winner. As they started their climb, the onlooker frogs called out to them and said, they would never be able to do it and that it was an exercise in futility. One by one the frogs started to give up and only two frogs were left on the tower walls. The frogs that had given up also joined the others and kept on about the futility of the task. Very soon there was only one frog on the tower wall. He climbed on steadily and continuously although like others he did slip a few times. All the frogs kept calling out to him and saying that it was an impossible task and that he should give up, but the frog continued toiling upwards and after a long hard climb he finally reached the top. Continue reading

Are you really an aggressive investor?


In my role as a financial advisor I come across clients with varying temperaments. Some portray themselves as conservative investors, some as opportunistic investors and others as aggressive investors. Of all these it is the aggressive investor that piques my interest, for the simple reason that I love to get behind the thoughts of such investors and like to discover what makes them tick. I always want to know what makes them aggressive as investors and if they really are as aggressive as they think they are. Continue reading

Fixed Deposits: are they the right decision?


fixeddepositThe Fixed Deposit has been the go to investment option for most people over the ages. They are generally safe and give decent returns with respect to interest and inflation. The recent drop in fixed deposit interest rates have made the investors a little unsure about the profitability of investing in them. This was reaffirmed when a client called me a couple of weeks ago wanting to discuss investment opportunities and showing little or no interest in FDs. Continue reading

Seven Financial Wows For Newly Weds

Bridal-bangles-sets-for-bride-on-wedding-7Recently I met some family friends, who were busy preparing for their son’s upcoming wedding. After a few minutes of pleasantries, the conversation meandered its way to financial planning and money management. As the couple would be starting their life in a new city, it was but natural that the parents were worried. They included me in the conversation looking for a professional point of view.
It struck me that there was plenty of advice that I could impart to a newly married couple that could help build a sound financial foundation for their new lives together. Just as the seven wows of marriage help towards a good relationship, these seven financial wows will keep you in good financial health, providing a solid foundation for life. Continue reading