How to sort your finances in just 10 days


Getting things in order always looks like a daunting task whether it’s getting the messed up house in order after the party or your personal finances that you think you’re not really good at. But once you get on the job, all it takes is a head start, a little planning and some determination to get things in order. I’ve rounded up 10 simple strategies that would help you get your financial house in order in just 10 days and make a difference with your money.

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Here Begins the Sale Season

Sale & Shopping

After the scorching heat, it’s time for the rain showers to give us a sigh of relief. However it’s not just the rain showers that makes this season special but it’s the raining discounts that makes it all the more special. It’s time when the markets are flooded with discounts on any and everything you buy which may range from household stuff to clothes to shoes to electrical appliances or otherwise. It not just the shopping malls or local bazaars that offer discounts, it’s even the virtual market aka e-commerce sites which are flooded with discounts. Continue reading “Here Begins the Sale Season”

Common Mistakes People make in their 30’s

People in 30's30’s are typically a time for settling down after the 20’s where the young and fun loving couples have taken enough of risks and found what they are really passionate for. Many people are busy raising their families or climbing up the ladders of success in their careers. These are typically the make or break years in people’s lives even when it concerns their finances. Due to lack of knowledge and laxity people often land up making mistakes, the brunt of which is felt in their 50’s and not now. Continue reading “Common Mistakes People make in their 30’s”

6 Things to know to have an Amazing Spending Plan

Last week we discussed on why and how spending money gives us happiness. However, the fact is that these spending habits can derail our finances and may even make us compromise on our future needs. You must be wondering “what’s the best way to control this spending urge to plan the finances well?” The answer is

“Have a Budget”

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