Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor

Most of us wish to be left with a handsome inheritance by someone in our family, but very few of us know what to do with all the money once we attain it. We either spend it all on a spree and are left with nothing when we really need it or make all the wrong decisions with the money and regret later. We want to help you make the most of your inheritance, and so, here’s looking at certain practices to follow when you come into a considerable inheritance. Continue reading “Steps To Take When You Become An Inheritor”

How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future

They say the road to success is paved with knowledge, and they are a 100% right! Education is a must to move ahead in life. However, good education for your children today comes with a heavy price tag. So, what do you plan to do this Children’s Day for your kids? Continue reading “How You Can Invest In Your Child’s Future”

5 ways to help older people navigate new age financial tools

1st October is observed as International day of older persons. We think they’ve navigated the toughest hurdles of their life and are finally at ease, but what we don’t realize is that something like keeping up with rapidly changing technological advancements; that is second skin to us might not be something they can grasp with equal ease. They feel alienated in this fast evolving world and need a little hand holding to navigate these new developments that are making our life convenient, but proving to be a hindrance for them.

Continue reading “5 ways to help older people navigate new age financial tools”

Youth is the Biggest Financial Asset

Youth. It’s that time of our lives that “all of us” wait for and the “old” long to go back to.

Youth is recognized as the most valuable asset of any nation as it’s the youth that takes the nation forward. 12th August has been designated as the International Youth Day (IYD) by The United Nations and is observed as the day to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. Continue reading “Youth is the Biggest Financial Asset”

4 Ways In Which Your Financial Advisor Is A Friend In Disguise!

Does your financial advisor chat up with you more often than most of your friends? Do you always look up to him when you want to take an important financial decision such as making new investments (business/ personal or otherwise), when you can foresee some financial troubles coming. I am sure the discussions just don’t stop here, with time he become your confidant – a person whom you can count upon for almost everything. Continue reading “4 Ways In Which Your Financial Advisor Is A Friend In Disguise!”