Things to know about Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Interest Rate Lure

Last week we discussed on investment in real estate and explained why investment in real estate at this juncture is quite risky. Just to recollect the discussion we said that real estate have surpassed its affordability factor and rental yields are at all-time low. With this asset class giving huge returns in last 10 years, it looks difficult that next 10 years would be as rosy as they have been in the past. Continue reading “Things to know about Fixed Income Investments”

Ladder Strategy in Fixed Income Investments

Several ladders in a desert

Investment is a science just like any other activity and there are certain rules which we must follow for its effective management. But unfortunately due to lack of financial education in our academic curriculum we were never taught this science and hence we land up doing things we are comfortable with. Even fixed deposit which is by far one of the most favorite products of Indian investors, we make lot of mistakes which can prove to be fatal in long term.

For example, when most of the people go to bank for getting an FD done, they look at the different rates of FD available and then invest in a FD which offers maximum rate of interest. Continue reading “Ladder Strategy in Fixed Income Investments”