5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets

If something has drastically changed in the past few years, it is the way Indians do business. And any kind of change, whether good or bad, causes discomfort and distress for a while. Our economy is going through a transition period. The fact that our economy is still developing has made this transition even more challenging for us. Continue reading “5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets”

How Women Can Take Charge Of Their Finance

We are super happy to tell you all, that recently our Founder – Ashish Modani was invited to ‘She Talks Money’ – an event organized by SheThePeople TV in Jaipur to address the importance of ‘Why women should take charge of their finances’. Continue reading “How Women Can Take Charge Of Their Finance”

Youth is the Biggest Financial Asset

Youth. It’s that time of our lives that “all of us” wait for and the “old” long to go back to.

Youth is recognized as the most valuable asset of any nation as it’s the youth that takes the nation forward. 12th August has been designated as the International Youth Day (IYD) by The United Nations and is observed as the day to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. Continue reading “Youth is the Biggest Financial Asset”

Key Financial Lessons From FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup, one of the most spectacular sporting events on planet earth, is all set to culminate in a few days. The beauty of any sport lies in the great uncertainties it holds. Football is no exception. FIFA World Cup 2018 has proved it, yet again. While pundits and fans made their own predictions, and rooted for their favorite teams, this world cup proved to be largely elusive in nature when it comes to forecasts.

Continue reading “Key Financial Lessons From FIFA World Cup 2018”

Are your official documents correct

02Mistakes in name or in address are a very common thing in our official documents or correspondences be it Voter ID, Driving License, Electricity/ Telephone bills, PAN Cards etc. They hardly get our attention as we think they are small mistakes and would hardly make any difference. But these small little differences can sometimes create big troubles.

For instance, sometimes Neeta Sharma or Nita Sharma, Rajeev or Rajiv etc. looks like only a spelling mistake to us. But these small spelling mistakes make one person as two different identities in the eyes of regulations. Sounds strange; but that’s the truth!    Continue reading “Are your official documents correct”