Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?

Every 20-something has an idea of what their dream home should look like. While for some bringing to life this dream comes easy, for a lot others it is rather difficult. Owning a home for those in their 20s and 30s today isn’t what it used to be in their parent’s generation. With the soaring property rates many youngsters are moving towards renting houses instead of buying and they have perfectly sound reasons for doing this. Here are some of them –: Continue reading “Why Renting a Home is Better Than Buying One?”

10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part-2)

10 Month Impact

It’s been 14 days since the Prime Minister had announced the ban of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. The day announcement was made, I heard a lot of people saying that people will definitely find loopholes and save their money. Unfortunately all their dreams were shattered to bypass the system as the government did just stop there. Everyday there’s a new announcement which curbs the so called “new bypass ways” of the people to save their black money. As I said I’ll be sharing my views on what would be the impact of currency ban in 10 Days -10 Months – 10 Years; so here are my views on currency ban impact in next 10 months. Continue reading “10 Day – 10 Month – 10 Year Impact of Currency Ban (Part-2)”

Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know

Real Estate

Do you have a special love for an asset class when you choose to invest your money? Do you have a major concentration of your investments in one asset class? If that is the case, can that asset class fulfill majority of your goals? Think about it! If it cannot then why are you investing in it?  Remember if your investments cannot ensure you financial freedom, then you do not justify your hard earned money and your dreams. Continue reading “Some Facts only Real Estate Investors Know”

Current Environment for Real Estate

Model home sinking in water

It is true that 90% of the wealth is with 10% of the population and 10% wealth is with 90% of the population. But when 90% of the population starts thinking in same direction and think that by investing in any one asset class can make them rich overnight, that’s where bubble formation takes place. Presently, real estate is at similar crossroads.

Real Estate has been the most favorite asset class and most fruitful asset class in last 10 years. But that’s history. Unfortunately that will not be the case for next 10 years. To us real estate is entering a bear phase and real estate investors will have a tough time. Continue reading “Current Environment for Real Estate”