5 Reasons Why Not to Invest in Bitcoins

Bitcoins have been in discussions everywhere. Let it be in your friend circle, new channels or elsewhere around. A huge part of our nation’s population is not aware about it and some are not well known to it. Those who have heard about it as a quick moneymaking method never knew about it well. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, which is a digital form of currency, a part of a tech revolution itself. Do you think this is seriously going to help you invest money and get a quick return? No, investing money in the form of Bitcoins can later be the worst nightmare if you run after your greed.

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Recently invested somewhere and expecting for high returns?

Don’t fall for false hopes given by wrong people. Be reasonable!

In this world of rising and falling economies, there are a lot of people running after various sources to invest their hard-earned money.  Most of them expecting a high rate of return and thus investing their earnings on dodgy sources. The investors are just interested in the high returns and put in all they have into one same basket. There is always a ‘behind the stage’ story which occurs in parallel to it. Continue reading

Budget 2018


Budget 2018 is behind us. Loads of talks, loads of news, loads of whats app…  information is all around. Before the budget, there was a rumour that equity investments could be taxed and In line with expectations, the government has reintroduced the Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) on equity investments. Continue reading

Avoid Complexities – Adopt Simplicity


Should you keep your investments portfolio simple?

Investment is the buzz word today. Almost everyone with an above average income is looking for investment opportunities.  Their reasons may differ but at the end of the day they are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These are the regular investors, and then we have the players.  Continue reading

Will Property Prices Fall Further?


The last few months have seen a marked stagnation in the property market. There are hardly any buyers and even the sellers are wary. Demonetization has had a huge role to play in this field. There has been reasonable correction in land and building prices but as an observer I expect the market to experience further correction before it stabilizes in the true sense. Continue reading