5 ways to help older people navigate new age financial tools

1st October is observed as International day of older persons. We think they’ve navigated the toughest hurdles of their life and are finally at ease, but what we don’t realize is that something like keeping up with rapidly changing technological advancements; that is second skin to us might not be something they can grasp with equal ease. They feel alienated in this fast evolving world and need a little hand holding to navigate these new developments that are making our life convenient, but proving to be a hindrance for them.

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4 Reasons : Why you should not delay investing your money

Money in the hands during the youth is the greatest feeling of them all. However, not many people realize that their money today can be their riches tomorrow. Becoming wealthy/ financially free is a journey and investments are the highways to it. If those investments are delayed, our dreams of unimaginable wealth will take too long to come true. Let’s take a look at  that happens when our money is spent unwisely and we delay investing it. Continue reading

A special occasion calls for a special cheer!

Our Founder Mr. Ashish Modani was invited to be a member of the panel of experts at the SIP Day, a joint initiative by Kotak Mutual Funds and ET NOW.

Exciting as it was, we did what we do best:

Ashish educated investors & the common man on the benefits of investing in SIP’s and achieving financial independence. A session on the breakdown of myths, & the incredible power of compounding kept the audience interested. Not to forget the advantages of long-term investments was definitely the crowd favorite.
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