Children grow lightning fast, expenses follow suit

You still remember the day when you held your bundle of joy in your hands. You were in tears, of joy. Today, your child is your life. You come back home after a tiring day at work. But your little one’s smile cheers you up instantly. What joy it is to have a child around! Of course, you have plans for him/her. But are they concrete? Have you charted the plans considering the uncertainties tomorrows could hold? Is your answer a confident yes? Or a casual shrug of the shoulders is all you have for one? Whatever the case may be, here are a few points that would help you get the bigger picture. Continue reading

5 things that help you never run out of money

You have just started earning and are super excited about this monthly amount that is entirely yours to spend. We all have a list of things we want to do with ‘our own money’. Like, buy that expensive gadget, shop for our parents, siblings, buy that expensive gift for the boy/girlfriend and treat our friends. With your first paycheck also comes the first financial advice from your parents – ‘budget your income’ and ‘save for the adverse times’. Let us see below how making a budget and saving for the rainy day along with some other tips might help you live a financially secure and fulfilling life even if you feel your earnings are meager.

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5 Financial Lessons hidden as Life Lessons from our Mothers

Our mother is our first and best teacher, we all know! They seem to know best about everything! Earning or not, we all think our mother is the best in family at financial management. Even though our father might have given us our first pocket money, it is our mother who taught us how to save and spend it wisely.

As a tribute to all the mothers of the world (did you forget it is Mother’s Day on 13th May?), we at SLA are celebrating their financial tutelage by listing out the best lessons from the pool of maternal money wisdom and sensibility. Continue reading

Start small and early : Gain more and for longer

When We Start Earning

When we just start earning, it is only fair that we think of spending it all on ourselves, families and friends. Savings, investments, and planning retirement are the last thing on our mind. On being coaxed by elders, one might start a Savings Account and nothing more. However, at a later stage, when we try and build trust in other methods of savings and investments either because our friends/ colleagues have invested in it or the markets are performing well, we realize how much we have lost in not starting early. Continue reading

5 financial tips to help women plan wisely

Women have always stayed away from finance related decision making; giving rise to a myth that women can’t handle finances. Interestingly, women themselves take a step back when it comes to financial management. Educated or not, working and even financially independent women almost always let their fathers/ husbands/ brothers do the needful instead. However, a lot is being talked about that women should take charge of their finances irrespective whether they are working or not working. Here are some quick pointers that every women whose going to take money matters into their own hands should consider. Continue reading