Were you prepared for the 2019 slowdown?

Before you start reading this blog, we want to ask you something. If you’re in the service sector, are you currently working? Are you getting your salary every month? If you’re into a business, are you receiving timely payment from your clients? If your answer to all these questions is YES, we want to let you know you are lucky. Continue reading “Were you prepared for the 2019 slowdown?”

5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets

If something has drastically changed in the past few years, it is the way Indians do business. And any kind of change, whether good or bad, causes discomfort and distress for a while. Our economy is going through a transition period. The fact that our economy is still developing has made this transition even more challenging for us. Continue reading “5 Financial mistakes you should avoid in turbulent markets”

Is it the right time to sell your mutual funds?

One can easily sense a lot of despair and gloom in the equity investments these days. There are many speculations around the following concerns –

  • Why Equity Investments are not giving any due results in t­he current scenario?
  • Do you think we should discontinue our SIP or change our SIP from equity to debt fund?
  • Our economy is witnessing a slowdown and the government doesn’t seem to be doing enough?

Continue reading “Is it the right time to sell your mutual funds?”

5 Financial Mistakes That Doctors Can Avoid

Whenever we’re feeling under the weather, doctors come to the rescue. They clear the air of uncertainty in our minds and that’s how we walk out of a Doctor’s cabin with a pleasant smile. There’s a lot they have to leave behind or keep aside to pursue their passion of saving lives and making them worth living. While juggling to have a work-life balance, often the money matters often go down in the list of priorities. Continue reading “5 Financial Mistakes That Doctors Can Avoid”


March and April are the most financially taxing months of the year, quite literally! We have seen so many people fretting over submitting all those confusing documents that the HR keeps asking. That CA friend/cousin also mumbles some financial jargon that most times, fly over our head! Continue reading “INVESTMENTS, TAXES AND AGONY OF APRIL MONTH!”