Bollywood’s Strongest – Women Characters to look up to this Woman’s Day

It’s safe to say that today a large number of women don’t conform to gender roles set in the yesteryears. The women of today have gone against the patriarchy and their own inhibitions and have emerged as strong and independent individuals. Indian cinema and Bollywood, in particular, is also giving way to such realistic portrayals of the modern Indian woman. So, on this Women’s Day, we take a look at some of the most inspirational women role models Bollywood has given us that teaches us how financial independence empowers a woman.

Rani, from Queen

Rani, a girl from a simple Delhi home sets of on a her honeymoon alone after being jilted at the alter. Having saved up her earnings from working at her dad’s store for this trip and being able to incur further expenses on her own, she decides to go to Paris, even if alone. Once there, she discovers a new meaning to life and learns how to love herself first, before loving others. She returns home stronger and now knowing that her talent and determination is all she needs to lead a happy and monetarily stable life.

Shashi, from English Vinglish

The society today tends to bucket you into a subcategory if your English isn’t up to mark, and unfairly makes assumptions on your intelligence and capabilities. Breaking this stereotype is Shashi in English Vinglish. After being humiliated by even her family for her lack of knowing English, she enrolls in English language class with the money she made from her independent catering venture. While learning the language she soon learns that her worth isn’t defined by her knowledge of a language, but rather by who she is and what she does. Her financial independence played a major role in helping her find her confidence and showing her that her talent is really the thing that will take her places.

Piku, from Piku

Whoever said women can’t have the best of both worlds, was absolutely wrong! Piku, a young independent woman enjoys both, a successful career and a wonderful home life. Piku is a celebrated architect who is doing extremely well at work and is an ideal and diligent daughter who is supporting her ageing father both financially and otherwise. Piku’s financial independence has a part to play in the strength with which she faces every challenge head on. She is financially independent and is proud of everything that she is. Also, not having to depend on others for money helps gives her the confidence to do her own thing and make
her own choices.

So, those were our top 3 movies that show women in their true element. And a very important lesson – that if you are financially independent; there’s nothing that can stop you. If you haven’t watched any of them then do so this woman’s day, we are certain they will leave you inspired. Like we always say; “It’s time to take charge of your finances”


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